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Why Should You Call for Purchase Advice?


Many clinics have spent 20 - 30 thousand dollars on an ultrasound machine that is never, or rarely, used because:

  • They purchased a machine +/- probe that was not adequate for their needs.
  • Once they realized how large the learning curve was, they lost interest or just didn't have the time to invest.
  • Travelling to multiple ultrasound courses takes a large investment of time and finances.
  • They just didn't have a knack for it.
  • They had an associate who was passionate to learn ultrasonography, then the associate left the practice. 

Dr. Cullen is available for consultation on purchasing an ultrasound machine

  • Is it right for your clinic? For you?
  • Based on what you wish to use it for, what equipment and training are needed. Comparing equipment is important.
  • Consultations can be done in person or over the phone.

If you are thinking about entering the field of ultrasonography, Dr. Cullen would be happy to work with you on this.

Fees: For a copy of our fee guide, please email Iscan Veterinary Imaging at the address provided below