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Iscan Veterinary Imaging
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Mobile Diagnostic Ultrasound for Dogs and Cats


Why use a mobile ultrasound service?

  • Keeping your patients in your clinic allows you to manage more of your patient's health care needs. 
  • Receive results the same day, on-site, before I leave your facility. No waiting for a referral report before you can proceed with the care of your patient. 
  • It's more convenient, and often less expensive, for your clients if they do not have to travel elsewhere for an ultrasound exam.
  • In some cases it will avoid a stressful, and possibly risky, car ride for your patients.

Why use Iscan Veterinary Imaging?

  • Dr. Cullen has 15 years scanning experience including abdominal, cardiac, thoracic, cervical and ophthalmic imaging.
  • She has received over 280 hr of dedicated ultrasound training, including several days of one-on-one training with a board certified radiologist. She has spent a considerable amount of time, and continues to do so, keeping up to date in the field of ultrasonography. 
  • All cases are discussed with the regular veterinarian and follow up calls are welcome. The patient's history and other diagnostic test results (blood work, radiographs) are reviewed as these results are important to the interpretation of the sonogram. 
  • Dr. Cullen will often do research on an interesting case, or sampling results, and share this information with the regular veterinarian. 
  • Time is taken to do a complete and thorough ultrasound exam on each patient. Patient's are treated with patience and compassion.
  • There is no extra charge for pushing buttons. Colour and spectral doppler are utilized in every echocardiogram, and whenever needed to fully evaluate abdominal and other structures.
  • A complete typed report, including, still images and video, is completed on-site for every patient. A flashdrive (USB key) is provided to each clinic.
  • Images can be sent to a board-certified radiologist, or cardiologist, when requested.
  • Appointments can often be made within 24 - 48 hours. 
  • State of the art ultrasound equipment is used and kept up to date. A selection of probes are available to provide optimal imaging. 
  • Dr. Cullen has membership in:  International Veterinary Ultrasound Society and Veterinary Information Network (VIN) 

Fees: For a copy of our fee guide, please email Iscan Veterinary Imaging at the address provided below. 

   Member clinics may view the fee guide on-line using the password provided.