Iscan Veterinary Imaging

Iscan Veterinary Imaging
Newcastle, ON L1B 0A3


Appointment Policy 

Please call or email to schedule an ultrasound exam for your patient. 

If you're not sure whether or not an ultrasound exam will be beneficial to a particular case, 

Dr. Cullen will be happy to discuss the case with you prior to scheduling an appointment.

Appointments can generally be made within a 24 - 48 hr period. 

Every attempt is made to accomodate the clinic's and client's schedules. 

Appointments are made with the patient's regular veterinary clinic. Dr. Cullen does not make appointments directly with clients (pet owners).

If you are a veterinarian interested in ultrasound training, or purchase advice, please contact me at the email address provided. 


Cancellation Fee:

If an appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, please do so > 24 hrprior to the appointment time.

Giving 24 hours notice allows cancelled appointment times to be filled with patients who may be on a waiting list.

When scheduling appointments please inform the client thatthere is a cancellation fee.

Please call for details on cancellation fees.